Garden update #2

There is a day at the beginning of every season when I am outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. I can smell the new season. I can feel it in the air. I remember doing it this summer. I just stood outside sucking in the air. Closing my eyes. Feeling the promise of what will come.

Each season has its own smell. And today I stepped outside and took a deep breath and said to myself “…mmmm fall.” I have been able to see the changes of light and the way the trees and plants look, but now I can smell it. Cool and calm, still a hint of summer, but fading summer. And if the way a leaf smells changes when fall is coming, I think that’s what I smell too.

I have seen the changes in my garden. Growing is slowing. And my pumpkin is almost completely orange now.

Still flowering though. I had to fight a bee to take a picture of this one. He was pissed that I was in his damn way. I moved though, and he went right back to work on the flower.

My Marigold is just really taking off now. A little late man. But I won’t complain.

Lots of tomatoes going, only some turning red. I don’t know how many will make it before it freezes.

I pulled some carrots. Like I mentioned in the previous post, the dirt was too compacted I think. But it made for CUTE carrots.

And I am in love with the ones that are intertwined. They are hugging. So much love in my garden!

I love that all this was going on underground and I get a surprise when I pull them out.

Oh, and beans…..never thought that was even going to happen! YAY!

I am so proud of how good my garden is doing even with the damn little life suckers that won’t leave it alone. I still haven’t figured out what they are or how to get rid of them.

I can’t get a picture of them. They are way to fast and tiny. But they remind me of these guys.

Except waaay smaller of course.

All in all its starting out to be a great fall.

I always love the change when it comes. That’s how I am at heart. Change is good.




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