My garden is doing good. Fall is for sure in the air. I literally can smell it. LOVE it. I am excited for Halloween and the fall colors. And picking my pumpkin! I am going to pull all of my carrots soon too. I pulled some the other day and they are short stubby little guys. So cute. Next year, another thing on our garden list will be to have looser soil. I will post pictures and a bigger update this week.

I am gathering art supplies. That makes me so happy. I will also have something to share with you soon. And to sell. I am so excited to work on it and I think I will have to designate a time for my art during the day because it I usually end up doing a hundred million other things and the next thing I know its dinner time. So, a schedule is in the works.

Speaking of painting. I have paint for my bathroom too! So, I will be painting that soon too. And then, doing the floor…..and then putting in the tub. Good thing cuz mama is gonna need nice long bath soon.

Fall is awesome. It always inspires me.



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