Sad Lilacs

My poor Lilac bushes have a disease or something. It makes me sad. The only thing I THINK it might be is Bacterial Blight. But that’s only because I can not find anything else online that describes close to the same symptoms. Mine seem to be a little different than what they describe though. Or maybe its just wishful thinking? Because if they have this stupid thing, then they are done for. I am thinking of just treating them with a anti- bacterial/anti-fungal type spray (which is how you treat this crap) and see what happens because if they are jacked then what could it hurt? Sucks man…..

Tell me what you think? Seen this before? What to do?

This one is the worst. It started a while ago. It keeps growing new stuff but it soon starts to turn yellow from the tips in and they die and fall off. The brown parts are crunchy. They are not thirsty. They are not burned by the sun. Wondering if it could have been our water, we gave this one more nitrogen. Then I read that if they have that Blight crap that nitrogen will make it worse. Nice try Dea.

This one started to get it next. It is NOT near the bad one. This makes me think it is NOT the Blight thing too, because they “catch” the bacteria from other infected plants. Not to say this couldn’t happen, but you would think that the other two that ARE next to the bad one would have caught it first right? Then I was thinking maybe it is something they all had before I bought them??? I dunno…

Then this one..

And now one of the really healthy ones is getting it. 😦 See how it starts on the outside?

I will keep you updated on whats up with them.

Just trying to freakin grow SOMETHING here…..and I WILL win. Damn it.


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