Garden update

So, my garden is doing very well. Except for these little green suckers that will not leave my shit alone. I took these pictures a few days ago and it has already changed. So I will do another updated next week. Its amazing how fast things change.

This garden has taught me a lot more than I thought I could learn from a garden. It brings me more joy than I thought it would.

Check it out…

This tomato is already almost completely red now.

When I eat something from it, I just look at it in awe that I actually grew something out of the earth and now I get to nourish my body with it. Its so cool to me.

I am absolutely filled with joy that I grew our pumpkin for Halloween this year. I love the feelings of fall that I get when I look at it.

We ate this one last night. It was a little bigger than this when I pulled it. Delicious!

Ate this one too. So cute!

One Marigold that made it. It is FINALLY blooming.

Can you see the bees? One almost in the flower and one hovering just above. They are loving the flowers every morning.

My little lizard helper. He comes out to say hello every morning too. Do you see him peeking out from between the boards?


2 Comments on “Garden update”

  1. Dea Lorea says:

    Okay! I was worried it would weaken the stem and pop off. I will try though.

  2. Dee Fisher says:

    Turn your pumpkin every so often so it wont be lopsided.

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