My home is in the desert

One of the good things about living out here in the desert are the abundance of cool little guys like this. I love lizards! I just wish they would let me pet them.

Nathan catches them all the time. I always make him set them free, after I pet them, of course, because I can’t stand seeing them trapped in a cage. plus they help us out by eating all the bad bugs. There are a few that live in my garden

I love that I can walk out into my yard at pretty much any time and within minutes I can watch one of the few different kinds of lizards warm itself on a rock or a chipmunk haul ass to the water dish and get a drink. The Quail, always with their mate and sometimes herding their little babies, like puff balls. I watch them out of my kitchen window as I do dishes. They run and jump and play outside, unaware that I am watching.

Last summer, while watering trees, we spotted something moving in the water around one of the trees. We looked closer to find that a frog had just come up from underground! There is a type of toad that lives in the dirt and when the water comes (usually a flood in the desert, but in this case we made a flood ourselves) they come up into the water. Frogs are a lot easier to catch and hold. So, we played with him for a while and put it back in the tree water and I guess he went back under, but we haven’t seen him this year.

The sunsets here are also unbelievable. I will take some pictures soon and post them. I enjoy the sunsets almost every night but I guess I take them for granted and forget to take pictures. But I promise to do so soon.

My home is in the desert.


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