Flowers are my favorite

I ❤ flowers! Always have. There is just something about them that pulls me to them. I try to always be around them. If its winter time, I buy them to have around me in the house. I feel grounded and simplified when surrounded by flowers. They are perfect. I am so impressed by the perfection of color and shape. The intricate way that each petal laps over the next to produce the perfect shape unique to its style.

I remember once, reading somewhere, in a book I think, that Buddha answered a question by just holding up a flower and looking at it. The point he was making had something to do with the fact that flowers are beautiful because they ARE. They are present and alive. They radiate life and being and all they have to do is BE. I remember realizing that just being present is the answer to a lot of questions.

I will someday have a garden of flowers surrounding my home. Its hard to keep a lot growing in the sand trap that is my yard. It will happen though, I know it. So far there are little oasis spots where I have started building. I have started my garden and it grows, and lives, and multiplies.

I am learning about the plants that like the desert. I am learning about the plants that the damn rabbits wont eat. And ways to grow the ones that they will.

I love growing them from a seed. Its a miracle and blessing that always amazes me. I love the feeling I get when I see a baby plant poking its little head out of the dirt reaching for the light. Amazing to me that the big beautiful plants and trees we see came from a tiny little seed. Just like us.

Anything that cools things off, and adds color to this desert yard, is a welcomed and loved addition. Every year our yard gets more additions and color and shade. I could smell Russian Olive and Lilacs blooms for hours. Just walk around with a branch of them shoved in my face. It makes me feel like a kid who just plucked one of moms flowers. Squished in my hand, green stains on my palm. Wilting as time passes.

There is a connection I feel with the earth when I am near flowers. I think they are the best part of a plant. Their beauty and ability to multiply on display. Drawing in an audience and sharing the message of presence without even saying a word.


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